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Principal's message

Asquith Girls High School is a comprehensive secondary high school committed to providing an excellent education for girls.

Our school's motto Learn to Live highlights our commitment to quality and equitable education for all in a safe and vibrant environment.  Educational experiences are enriched through the capabilities of our staff, bringing to the classroom high expectations for every student to achieve their personal best.

Our aim is to promote learner inspiration, inquiry and creativity reflecting global trends. We are proud of our school's learning community and mostly proud of our students' achievements. 

We value a strong academic tradition while embrace and celebrate excellence in sport, creative and performing arts and student leadership.

Asquith Girls High School invests in technology. We have rolled out Wi-Fi coverage throughout the school grounds, video-conferencing, 3D printers, robotics and ‘augmented reality' experiences, to support our students' goals as designers, creators and future engineers. Our school culture is supportive of and flexible to, their ambitions.

Our school has a strong local reputation and enjoys strong community and parent/caregiver support. This year our focus is on extending project based learning and incorporating ‘soft skills' in teaching and learning.

"People excel and learn, not because they are told to, but because they want to."  Peter Senge

Elizabeth Amvrazis


B ASc Dip Ed