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Integrated Sport: Year 7 students have Sport integrated into their curriculum. Integrated Sport lessons are taught by specialist PDHPE teachers at various times throughout the week. During this time, students participate in a range of different sports, and learn the skills, rules and tactics associated with them.

Monday Afternoon Sport: Students in Years 8-10 participate in a weekly Sport program for two hours every Monday afternoon. Students have the opportunity to represent the school in grade sport competitions against other girls’ schools from across the northern Sydney area, or they can participate in a number of recreational sport options at school or at locations around Asquith and Hornsby. Some recreational sports have a cost involved, which students must pay after selecting these sports.

Carnivals: The annual Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics carnivals are big events on the school calendar. There is a strong tradition of excellence and inclusiveness in these whole school events, where opportunities to participate exist for students of all abilities. These carnivals form the first step in qualification for students to represent the school at higher levels in these sports.

Every student is placed in a House for these carnivals. The Houses are named after famous women.

                   BATES              Yellow                                  CHISHOLM           Blue

                   GILMORE         Red                                      TURNER               Green

Representative Sport: At Asquith Girls, we have a proud culture of participation and success in representative sport competitions. The school has teams that compete in a wide variety of sports, including Basketball, Netball, Softball, Football (Soccer), Water Polo, Touch Football and Volleyball. A number of these teams have been extremely successful, with particular highlights recently for our Basketball team who were the 2019 NSW Combined High Schools Champions.

Students also have the opportunity to represent the school at region, state and national levels in individual sports such as Athletics, Cross Country, Swimming, Triathlon, Sailing and Gymnastics.

Students with a passion and aptitude for Sport are encouraged to get involved in the Representative Sport program at Asquith Girls.

Asquith Girls High School competes as part of the North West Metropolitan Girls Zone under the umbrella of the Sydney North Schools Sports Association (SSA) and the NSW Combined High Schools (CHS) Sports Association. 

The North West Metropolitan Girls Zone involves Asquith Girls, as well as Hornsby Girls High School, Macarthur Girls High School, Riverside Girls High School, Cheltenham Girls High School and North Sydney Girls High School.

We compete with these schools at the Zone level Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics carnivals. Students who successfully progress on from the Zone carnival (typically reserved for the top two place-getters) will secure a position at the corresponding Sydney North SSA event.

Our representative teams participate in the Sydney North SSA knockout competition, with the opportunity to progress to the NSW CHS competition if we are successful. For some sports, there are both Under 15’s competitions and an Opens competition, however, some will only have an Opens draw. This means that students from any year or age group are able to trial for a place on the team and participate if they are selected. Please note that it is less likely that younger students will be selected in an Opens teams unless they are very strong in that sport as they will be competing against much older students for a position in the team.

Selection in Representative Teams:  The trial process for school based knockout teams at Asquith Girls High School involves several key steps:

-          Students will be notified in advance of upcoming trials via the Daily Notice system at school. These notices can also be accessed via the Sentral Parent and Student Portal.

-          A minimum of two trials will be conducted for each sport. In some cases, more trials may be necessary in order to select a team.

-          Trials will be overseen by at least two members of staff. Typically, this will involve the Coach of the team and the Sport Coordinator, however, other members staff with experience, interest or expertise may be involved in the selections process.

-          Once a team has been selected, the successful team list will be posted on the Sports Noticeboard outside the PDHPE Staffroom.

In 2021, Asquith Girls High School has teams entered in:

-          Open and Under 15’s Waterpolo

-          Open and Under 15’s Netball

-          Open and Under 15’s Basketball

-          Open Tennis

-          Open Touch Football

-          Open Volleyball

-          Open Softball

-          Open Football (Soccer)

The school frequently enters teams into competitions and gala days run by other sport associations and organisations, such as the Bill Turner Trophy for U15 Football (Soccer) and the Football NSW Futsal competition. Students will be informed of these additional opportunities through the Daily Notices.