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Student leaders

The fundamental aim of the student leadership team at Asquith Girls High School is to serve the student community.

Every activity undertaken by either the Prefects or the Student Representative Council, House Captains, Transport Prefects is underpinned by the belief that every single student is valuable and has unique talents and gifts.

All groups strive to further develop a school climate that enables students to voice their opinions, participate in decision-making and make a meaningful contribution to the school community. Essentially, student leaders work for the benefit and empowerment of the students they represent.

Student Leaders 2022/2023

School Captains                           

Harriet Kingham and Abigail Morgan

Vice Captains                                

Alyssa Flarey and Marley Kennedy-Jewell      



Senior Prefect Environment       

Ashleigh Herbert

Senior Prefect Social Justice  & Global Citizenship   

Daria Suturina

Senior Prefect XCEL, Assemblies and CAPA              

Mia Huntington

Senior Prefect Wellbeing              

Tayla Scott

Senior Prefect Sport                    

Abby Menzies-Jackson



Hanna Baracsi

Stephanie Barnes

Lucinda Cummings

Parisa Ghimire

Tanishka Luna

Gabriella Maguire

Jorja McHenry

Sammie McIntyre

Ellie Morgan

Neve Rapsey


The Prefects are elected by Year 11 students and staff.  They lead the leaders. 

Transport Prefects are appointed to supervise our students who are travelling on trains and bus. They need your help and cooperation.

The Student Representative Council (SRC) is elected in the mid year by students in each of the years 7-10.  Members represent the interests of each year group.

Sport House Captains are elected by each House.  They promote the benefits of sport in the school.

Peer Support Leaders are chosen from Year 10 to work with groups of Year 7 students on arrival at high school.  The formal peer support program continues during term one.  Peer Support Leaders continue to work with Year 7 students throughout the year and often develop firm friendships that continue throughout high school.