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Bonjour, こんにちは, Hallo and Buongiorno.

Asquith Girls High School has a passionate and dynamic team of teachers who are experts in their field and have had extensive in-country experiences. Language learning at AGHS encompasses a rich variety of supportive and complementary learning experiences which have included technology-based activities and school competitions, participation in Multicultural Day, cooking, film studies and excursions. Students have the opportunity to form connections with the wider language-learning community by taking part in events facilitated and/or promoted by world language communities such as the Alliance Française, Japan Foundation and Goethe Institut. Students at AGHS have achieved impressive results in Language Perfect and the Assessment of Language Competence (ALC) competitions. Courses are designed to provide students with language and learning skills which will benefit them in future education and training spheres, employment and becoming well-educated global citizens.


Stage 4

Students develop their abilities in listening, reading and responding. Writing and speaking skills are also built upon in this subject. Students learn the language through a range of highly engaging processes through technology and various interactive websites including Language Perfect. They experience culture through current songs, films and TV, and have the opportunity to participate in authentic excursions. Students can expect to gain a deeper understanding of the culture as well as participate in whole school initiatives such as in-school hosting programs.

Subjects offered:

Year 7: Introductory courses in French and Japanese. Students study one semester of each language.
Year 8: Mandatory course - students are offered 100 hour courses in French and Japanese.


Stage 5

Year 9 and 10 students are offered French and Japanese as 200 hour elective courses. The courses develop the communication skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing on topics for everyday life and travelling abroad

French: Students’ main aim is to use French to communicate in everyday situations. They develop listening, reading, speaking and writing skills through a range of engaging and hands-on activities. Topic areas studied in Years 9-10 deal principally with everyday life of the learner and her peers in French-speaking countries. These would include amongst other things: home and family, school, sport, travel, food, festivals and the environment. Students are immersed in French during class, group and pair activities.


Japanese: Reading and writing skills involve the learning of Hiragana, Katakana and simple Kanji, the three scripts which make up the Japanese language. Emphasis is on topics such as family, daily activities, holidays, cuisine, sport and other aspects of students’ daily lives. The skill of communicating in Japanese is advantageous for the cultural diversity in NSW, as well as an incentive for travel and meaningful interactions with Japanese-speakers and the culture abroad.

Subjects offered:




Stage 6


The group of Go8 (Group of Eight) universities which include UNSW, the University of Sydney and ANU state: “Learning to speak an additional language is increasingly important for effective participation in a globalised world.” This is recognised through their Languages Incentive Schemes which award bonus points to those who successfully complete a language course in years 11 and 12.

Years 11-12 Beginners Courses:

Students move steadily from learning basic vocabulary and grammar structures to being able to understand texts and communicate competently in the target language. Students will also enhance their inter-cultural understanding through the language and specific cultural events and activities. As with all language courses at AGHS, students will develop both their receptive skills (reading and listening) and their production skills (writing and speaking). The receptive skills (comprehension) are more heavily weighted in the HSC exam.

The course is a very practical one, centred on topics which students are familiar with in their everyday lives. Core areas of the Beginners course are: Personal World and the French/Japanese/Italian Speaking Communities.


Subjects offered:

French Beginners

Italian Beginners

Japanese Beginners


Years 11-12: Continuers Courses:

HSC Continuers courses promote a deeper understanding of attitudes and values, equipping students with effective and authentic access to cultures and traditions. Students are able to express their ideas through the production of original texts in French or Japanese. Their linguistic skills will be sharpened and allow them future employment opportunities in a range of fields including international finance, diplomacy, law, hospitality, science, and tourism. Their appreciation of French or Japanese culture will deepen and encourage continued learning.


Subjects offered:

French Continuers

Japanese Continuers