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Literacy and Numeracy

Literacy and Numeracy


Year 7 Literacy sessions focus on consolidating strategies in comprehension, writing, multimodal presentations and language conventions. Each lesson is designed to strengthen the students’ skills, which should enhance their learning and completion of course work in other subjects.

Year 7 Numeracy sessions focus on identifying and working with the key elements of problem solving that are an essential element to strengthening connections in Mathematics in the areas of number, algebra, statistics, probablility, measurement and geometry. These elements should also enhance the capacity of students to apply these skills in other subjects. Integrated within these lessons are components of Literacy in Numeracy for the purpose of improving comprehension skills.

Year 8 Literacy and Numeracy lessons have been aligned with the STEM program this year. The knowledge and skills addressed in the literacy and numeracy lessons are tailored to enhance the STEM initiative at AGHS. The 4 Cs: Communication, Critical Thinking, Collaboration and Creativity, will also be used as a means to make rich connections between literacy, numeracy and STEM. Students complete tasks that promote the skills  underpinned by the 4 Cs and fosters growth mindset. They develop products, undertake research and foresee challenges and successes. The activities in the literacy and numeracy programs incorporate the explicit teaching of the analysis of complex texts, sophisticated and purposeful writing as well as the effective application of numeracy in and beyond the classroom. Furthermore, these tasks increase in complexity as the year progresses to ensure student engagement and inspiration.