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English is an empowering subject that allows students to learn about themselves and the world. It is the only subject that is compulsory for study from K-12. Undertaking the study of English provides the students with the necessary tools for highly sophisticated levels of communication and analysis of a range of texts. These tools are also essential for intellectual, social and emotional development. Asquith Girls HS provides an inspiring, inclusive and enriching program of study that fulfils the requirements of the syllabi. Students can expect to engage with a variety of texts including canonical texts, postmodern authors and 21st century film. The innovative program encourages students to be critical thinkers, writers and multimodal creators, while developing their own interest in literature. 


Stage 4

Students in Year 7 and 8 undertake a comprehensive program of study where they focus on skill-building as well as widening the scope of their textual understanding. They engage in novel studies, Shakespearean comedies, poetry and genre studies such as Anime, which caters to a range of learning needs. Essay-writing skills and public speaking skills are also practised and refined. Students participate in wide reading and given opportunities to enter writing and speaking competitions. In addition, Asquith Girls students are able to develop their sense of self through these stages of learning. 


Stage 5

Year 9 and 10 students reinforce their skills while continuing to enrich their understanding of increasingly complex texts. They undertake a program that involves the study of Shakespearean tragedies, novels, Australian vignettes and foreign films. These studies are also supported by consistent and intensive activities that strengthen extended writing including essays. Students can expect to sharpen their creative writing abilities, speaking and presentation skills as well as their multimodal processes and products. 

Stage 6

Year 11 and 12 continue to enhance their imaginative and critical skills. They evaluate inspiring and complex texts that allow them to formulate, assess and strengthen their capacity as problem-solvers and critical thinkers. Students can expect to broaden their cultural and historical understanding while becoming increasingly confident users of digital and multimodal tools. In addition, the English courses foster lifelong learning and tools that should assist them in their future careers. 


Subjects offered:

English Standard

English Advanced

EAL/D (English as an Additional Language or Dialect) English Extension 1

English Extension 2