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Authentic Learning

The Authentic Learning program provides opportunities for students to engage in meaningful, inquiry-based learning by tackling significant, real-world issues.


Through structured inquiry, students will develop skills in problem solving, critical and creative thinking, communication and design thinking. These models of learning emphasise holistic thinking processes, innovation, collaboration and sensitivity to global issues.

The delivery of Authentic Learning connects skills and experiences taught across all subject domains and makes learning interesting and relevant. Students will appreciate the relevance of these skills and recognise how to apply them beyond the classroom.

Students in the Authentic Learning program will be required to produce learning portfolios which demonstrate their inquiry processes and their projects will be shared with real-world audiences.


Students are able to choose two Authentic Learning topics to study as semesters in Year 9. Authentic Learning topics that have been offered in the past include:

  • The Art of Game Design
  • The Kitchen Garden
  • Tell the World 
  • Augmented Reality 
  • Seven Sisters
  • Mind, Body, Spirit
  • Ageless Communities 
  • Micromastery
  • Barista Sista's Cafe
  • Human Capability ​

NOTE: Authentic Learning is mandatory for all Year 9 students in 2020.